Shifting the narrative around Missouri's marginalized communities 
through photography and storytelling.

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Melanie Oliva, 23, writer, Latina, feminist, Columbia, MO (originally from Kansas City, MO.)

Sadia Moumita, 19, abolitionist, townie, Columbia, MO.

Mekhia Thompson, 22, big sister, mentor, teacher, artist, advocate, Columbia, MO.

Eryca Neville, 50, momma, daughter, sister, educator, advocate, volunteer, friend, Columbia, MO (originally from St. Louis, MO by way of Kansas City, MO).

David Blake, 60, living without shelter, kind person, Columbia, MO.

Ciarra Small, 22, advocate, lover, friend, Columbia, MO (originally from St. Louis.)

Dr. Stephen Graves, 39, intellectual, teacher, Columbia, MO (originally from Portland, OR.)

Koshi Collins, she/they, 34, teacher aide, lesbian masculine, drag performer, deaf, Columbia, MO (originally from St Louis, MO.)

Dr. LaGarrett King, 43, husband, father, Black history professor, Columbia, MO (originally from Baker, LA.)

Claire Ridgeway, 21, advocate, autistic woman, student, special educator, peer educator, peer , Columbia, MO (originally from Dallas, TX.)

Roshae Hemmings, 21, St. Louisan by way of Kingston, Jamaica, daughter of immigrant, aspiring storyteller, student of life’s lessons, realist, quiet, lover, taking life as it comes, Columbia, MO.

Kiessence Bassett, 19, scholar and Blacktivist, Columbia, MO.

Flor Loya-Ochoa, 37, mother, advocate, immigrant, artist, Columbia, MO (originally from Mexico.)

Ezra Komo, 25, small business owner, female to male trans man, advocate, poly and pansexual, Marine veteran, Columbia, MO (raised in Central Missouri.)

Monica Lee, activist, Mom, training developer, Korean immigrant, Columbia, MO (originally from South Korea.)

Tessi Muskrat Rickabaugh, 41, healer, lover, student, curator of stories, seeker of beauty, spiritual companion, identity coach and nurturer of post-traumatic growth, native of Turtle Island, Fulton, MO (originally from Eldridge, MO.)

Safa Mohameed, 28. business woman, mother, hard worker, Muslim, Columbia, MO (originally from Iraq.)

Gabriela Weir Vera, 39, cook, mother, artist, lover, fighter, immigrant, Latin American, survivor, social justice activist, Columbia, Mo (originally from Merida, Venezuela.) Gaby Weir Vera, 39, cocinera, madre, artista, amante, luchadora, immigrante, Latino Americana, sobrevividora, activista, Columbia, Mo (de Merida, Venezuela.) 5/18/2020

Braiden Wade, 18, genuine, photojournalist, entrepreneur, Columbia, MO (originally from St Louis, MO.)

Melissa Horner, 33, Métis and Turtle Mountain Anishinaabe (tribal affiliations,) creative, ancestor, PhD. student of sociology, Columbia, MO (originally from Montana.)

Chalana Scales-Ferguson, Esq., 43, visionary, wife, mother, servant leader, educator, entrepreneur, Columbia, MO (originally from St Louis, MO.)

Chris Lehman

Jeanne Snodgrass, 44, mother, dancer, educator, convener of community, Executive Director of Mizzou Hillel, a Jewish student organization, Columbia, MO (originally from Pennsylvania.)

Danyiel Kelly, 49, recovery coach, Columbia, MO (originally from New Madrid, MO.)

Bini Sebastian, 27, visual artist, counseling psychology PhD. student, spoken word poet, Columbia, MO (born in India and raised in Dallas, TX.) 01/13/2020

Hope Schust, 17, sister, daughter, lesbian, transracial adoptee, high school student, dancer, musician, spoken word poet, Columbia, MO, originally from Nairobi, Kenya.

Allison D'Agostino, 30, somo representative and athlete, Columbia, MO. 03/12/19

Robina Onwong’a, 25, divine being, creativist, educator, mental health clinician, AmeriKenyan, Columbia, MO (originally from Maryland, and her family from Kenya.)

Kandas Holmes-Barnes, 37, mother, advocate, recovering addict, Columbia, MO. 01/10/2020

Gretchen Maune, 35, activist, blind, Columbia, MO (originally from Blue Springs, MO.) 03/07/18

Fatimah Krgo, 19, student in Digital Storytelling at Mizzou, Muslim, born and raised in Columbia, MO, from Bosnia.

Christina Holzhauser, 40, writer, rugger, queer, country girl, PhD student in Biological Anthropology, Columbia, MO (originally from Portland, MO.) 5/18/2020

Caitlin Cunningham, 35, teacher, queer activist, pansexual and polyamorous, they/them, Columbia, MO. 6/25/19

Sarah Vaneva, 28, English major student at Mizzou, activist, Columbia, MO. 03/15/19

Daphanie Bibbs, 26, mother, educator, influencer and advocate, Columbia, MO (originally from Chicago, IL.)

Spenser Crum, 25, mother, Columbia, MO, and born and raised there, and her daughter, Melany Analiese Funes, 2, whose father is from El Salvador.

Audra Sergel, 42, musician, bisexual, Columbia, MO (originally from Maryville, MO.)

David Aguayo, 30, PhD. student at Mizzou, brought over from Mexico by his parents as a child, Columbia, MO. David Aguayo, 30, estudiante en Mizzou, traído desde Mexico por sus padres cuando era niño, Columbia, MO. 05/07/17

Ann Alofs, 45, elementary school teacher, lesbian, Columbia, MO (originally from Rolla, MO.) 12/10/17

Marekka Nickens, 29, elementary school teacher, born and raised in Columbia, MO. 01/19/18

Natalia Prats, 37, teacher, performer at heart, Columbia, MO, originally from Puerto Rico. 12/22/17

Darrell Cruse, 24, artist, Columbia, MO, originally from Chicago, IL.

Ana Garcia, 25, student in public health at MACC, brought over by her parents from Mexico when she was six years old, Columbia, MO (originally from Oaxaca, Mexico.) Ana Garcia, 25, estudiante en salud pública en MACC, traída por sus padres a los seis años, Columbia, MO (de Oaxaca, México.) 03/17/18

Ammer Ahmad, 20, student in Chemical engineering at Mizzou, Muslim, Columbia, MO, originally from Palestine. 12/10/17

Kerra Williams, 34, author, born in Columbia, MO, but raised in Germany.

Evonnia Woods, 34, organizer with Reproaction, Columbia, MO (originally from Pulaski, IL.)

Brittany Fatoma, 31, Christ follower, educator, leader, Columbia, MO (Originally from North Carolina.) 09/09/19

Nawfee Khadeeda, 40, mother to nine, Yazidi Christian, Columbia, MO, originally from Iraq. 12/06/17

Anthony Plogger, 28, educator, entrepreneur, Columbia, MO (originally from Herman, MO.)

Al Cox Jr., 27, customer service clerk, identifies “as me,” Columbia, MO (originally from Saint Louis, MO.)

Anthony Johnson, 31, case manager for Services for Independent Living, Columbia, MO. 12/14/17

Addison McGuire, 20, senior student in biology at Central Methodist University, trans, Fayette, MO (originally from Higbee, MO.) 12/07/17

Reverend C.W. Dawson, 63, graduate of Princeton University, Dr. in Philosophy, author, Columbia, MO (originally from St Joseph, MO.)

Bushra Faris, 56, interpreter (obstetrics surgeon in her native country,) Columbia, MO, originally from Iraq. 12/13/17

Chuckie Dalton, 17, high school student, non-binary, from Boonville (originally from Arizona.)

Patsy Galbreath-Johnson, 57, community organizer and event coordinator, Jefferson City, MO.

Traci Wilson-kleekamp, 53, PhD student at the MU College of Education, Columbia, MO (originally from California.)

Dawn Zeterberg, 57, self-advocate, unemployed, living with cerebral palsy, Columbia, MO (originally from St Louis, MO.) 01/12/18

Adrian Clifton, 33, PhD. in Learning, Teaching and Curriculum, author, community educator and activist, Columbia, MO.

Kai Freter, 18, studying for the equivalent to a high school diploma, gender fluid lesbian, from Columbia, MO.

Clyde Ruffin, 65, professor and chair emeritus (University  of Missouri,) senior pastor at Second Baptist Church, First Ward representative (Columbia City Council,) president of the John William Boone Heritage Foundation, Columbia, MO (originally from Kansas City, MO.)

Fridman Torales Ríos, 39, circus performer, Columbia, MO (originally from Peru.) Fridman Torales Ríos, 39, artista de circo, Columbia, MO (del Perú.)

JD Mobley, 14, high school student, lesbian, Boonville, MO (originally from Florida.)

Nikki McGruder, regional manager for Diversity Awareness Partnership and director of the Journey towards Inclusive Excellence, Columbia, MO (originally from Peoria, IL.) 02/09/18

Luis Ramirez, 37, restaurant owner, Columbia, MO, originally from Jesus Maria, Jalisco, México. Luis Ramirez, 37, dueño de restaurante, Columbia, MO, originalmente de Jesus Maria, Jalisco, México.

Camren Cross, 42, Community Recreation Supervisor with the City of Columbia, Columbia, MO (originally from Arkansas.)

Dakota Gladbach, 28, administrative counselor at Central Methodist University, gay, Fayette, MO (originally from Brookfield, MO.)

Arizbeth Iliana Viveros, 45, certified nursing assistant, Columbia, MO (originally from Veracrúz, Mexico.) Arizbeth Iliana Viveros, 45, assistante de enfermera, Columbia, MO (de Veracrúz, México.)

Clara Umbe, 28, health educator with the Public Health Department at Mizzou, Columbia, MO, originally from Kinshasa, Congo.

Maria Hernandez Ramirez, 33, restaurant owner, Columbia, MO, originally from San Miguel, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Evan Melkersman, 31, community organizer, gay, Boonville, MO.

Tateonna Thompson, 22, struggling artist, Columbia, MO.

Dr. William E. Robertson, 82, retired Mizzou faculty member, Columbia, MO (originally from Columbus, OH.)

Nadia Navarrete-Tindall, 62, naturalist, Columbia, MO (originally from San Salvador, El Savador.)

Verna Laboy, 60, community activist and health educator, Columbia, MO (originally from Hannibal, MO.)

Maria Montañes, 22, exercise science student at Central Methodist University, lesbian, Fayette, MO (originally from Tarragona, Spain.)

Sifa Bihomora, 19, musician, born and raised in Columbia, MO, from a Rwandan family who fled the genocide in 1996 to settle in the U.S.

Patch Robison, 20, retail worker and hobby dog trainer, gender fluid and panromantic, Columbia, MO.

Alexander King, 22, studying to be a dog trainer, trans, Columbia, MO (originally from Kansas City, MO.)

Chimene Schwach, 48, community advocate, Columbia, MO (originally from Kansas City, MO.)

Hannan Elliott, 21, student in sociology at Central Methodist University, bisexual, Fayette, MO.

L. Lou Davis, 43, artist, small business owner, Columbia, MO (originally from Labelle, MO.) 11/17/17

Jordan Elliot Richards, 28, medical technologist at Boone Hospital, trans, Columbia, MO (originally from Springfield, MO.)

Bill Thompson, 67, retired from the City of Columbia's Parks and Recreation department, musician, Columbia, MO (originally from Arkansas.)

Radhia Khenissi, 26, banker, from Columbia, MO, originally from Tunisia. 12/08/17

Janie Ridgwell, 22, community behavioral specialist with Burrell Behavioral Health, bisexual, Fayette, MO.

Emily Day, 21, music major at Central Methodist University, pansexual, Fayette, MO (originally from Wellsville, MO.)

Ameerah Sanders, 22, graduated from Mizzou with a Bachelors of Arts in English, film-maker and comedian, Columbia, MO (originally from Atlanta, GA.

Nina Hampton, 67, retired psychiatric nurse, lesbian, Columbia, MO (originally from Fulton, MO.)

Sarah Klaassen, 34, pastor at Rock Bridge Christian Church, Columbia, MO (originally from Whitewater, KS.)

Sierra Key, 16, high school student, pansexual, Boonville, MO.

Suzanne Bagby, 50, activist, from Columbia, MO (originally from Fayette, MO.) 04/17/18

Ozzy Silva, 43, artist, Columbia, MO, originally from Bogota, Colombia.

Ansel Herrera Garcia, 17, high school student, Mexico, MO (originally from Oaxaca, Mexico.) Ansel Herrera Garcia, 17, estudiante de colegio, Mexico, MO (deOaxaca, Mexico.)

Nina Karma, 27, nursing home caregiver, from Columbia, MO, originally from Togo.

Adrian Bisberg, 23, musician and writer, he/him, St Louis, MO, originally from Boulder, CO.

S.A. Billings, 65, retired public transit executive, president of the St Louis Gender Foundation, Jefferson City, MO (originally from Kansas City, MO.)

Elaine Brune, 63, gender non-confirming/gender non-binary, thgey/them, St. Louis, MO (originally from Kansas City, MO).

Jay-Marie Hill, 29, they/them, black trans musician and educator, St Louis, MO (originally from Castro Valley, CA.)

Reyna Hernandez Alvarez, 42, entrepreneur, Mexico, MO (originally from Oaxaca, Mexico.) Reyna Hernandez Alvarez, 42, empresaria, Mexico, MO (de Oaxaca, Mexico.) 02/16/19

Ayanna Shivers, 47, pastor and educator, Mexico, MO.

Kevin Smith Jr., 39, father, Columbia, MO (originally from Kalamazoo, MI.) 03/12/19

Karon M. Watson, 66, retired Navy veteran, Columbia, MO (originally from St Louis, MO.)

Gerald Hammer, 57, formerly homeless, Columbia, MO (originally from St Louis, MO.)

William Clines, 32, deaf, Columbia, MO (originally from Fort Leonard Wood, MO.) 03/12/19

André Jackson, 47, Columbia, MO (originally from Chicago, IL.)

Mike Bishop, 53, living with disabilities, Columbia, MO (originally from Arkansas.)

Becky Blackwell, 55, grandmother, lesbian, Columbia, MO (originally from Iowa.)

Deanna Brown, mother, entrepreneur, activist, feminist, domestic violence survivor, Columbia, MO (originally from St Louis, MO.)

Daimontre Yancy, 19, activist, scholar, entrepreneur, Columbia, MO.

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